Summer 2019 Cooling System Tune-Up

To make sure your HVAC system is running at peak performance, we have developed a detailed service package for the Summer of 2019. Our goal is to leave you with the most reliable and efficient system possible by performing a thorough service on your cooling system(s). The service will take around 1 hour per system.

19-point Maintenance Service Details:

vent on floor.jpg
single AC unit.jpg
  1. Check air filter

  2. Check low voltage

  3. Check high voltage

  4. Inspect blower assembly

  5. Check run capacitors

  6. Inspect ductwork

  7. Check thermostat operation

  8. Measure temperature difference: supply/return

  9. Inspect/test condensate drain

  10. Lubricate motors if applicable

  11. Inspect emergency drain pan/other flood protection devices

  12. Inspect disconnect box for any loose connections

  13. Inspect electrical compartment

  14. Inspect service valves

  15. Check refrigerant level

  16. Inspect indoor coil (if accessible) and condenser coil

  17. Inspect fan blade

  18. Test/Inspect contactors for burned/pitted contacts

  19. Inspect refrigerant pipe insulation

Please be advised that further work may be recommended if technician thinks reliability or efficiency can be increased. Additional items will be offered in a low to no pressure manner.

OUR GUARANTEE: If you feel the service you were provided was not worth the money, we will give you a full refund…NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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